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Covid-19 Accreditations

CovidSafe Accreditations


The purpose of these #CovidSafe accreditations for all types of holiday accommodation & hospitality businesses (attractions, restaurants, pubs etc) in the UK, are signs to look out for to provide you with the confidence that the business has gone the extra mile to do the necessary risk assessment, provide safety measures such as social distancing, staff training and practise the cleaning/professional protocols for cleaning & sanitising to enable a business to reopen safely. Confidence and safety is paramount.  











Cottage in the Dales has received the VisitEngland logo #GoodToGo accreditation. 
Click on the above logo to find out more about the accreditation from VisitBritain.
















Cottage in the Dales has been awarded the AA #COVID-19 Confident accreditation.
Click on the above logo to find out more about the accreditation from the AA.



What did Cottage in the Dales do to achieve these accreditations?


Both of these accreditations are as a result of us doing a risk assessment & outlining our cleaning/disinfectant protocols to protect our guests, our housekeeper and us. Please click on the image below to find out the details if you are planning to stay at one of our cottages or to understand what to look for when thinking of holidays elsewhere in the UK. Each of our guests will receive this information directly from us prior to their stay. 







The importance & value of these accreditations to your safety


If you are looking for #COVIDSafe accommodation, do check that they have one or both of these accreditations to provide you with the confidence to make a reservation and have a safe and enjoyable holiday. 

However, we are already reading negative online comments from accommodation owners of a high profile online travel agency such as “It seems a bit much - I wash all the bedding and everything gets a good clean anyway”. In our view, along with the government and PASC (Professional Association of Self-Caterers), this is just not good enough! Cleaning is the act of removing dust and dirt, but everything deemed a high-contact surface must then also be sanitised to limit the potential spread of the virus. Please beware!


COVID Confidence - More Information

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