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Photograph of the cottages or surrounding area

Inclusive Luxury


Cottage in the Dales are working towards providing both 'Dementia Friendly' & 'Autism Friendly' accommodation at our accessible cottage, The Dairy. We will be providing more information here very soon, for example :


* What is provided in our dementia friendly / autism friendly accommodation

* Why and how Dementia Friendly / Autism Friendly Accommodation can help our guests

* What places of interest, activities and attractions are available locally that are either dementia friendly or autism friendly

* What are the dementia support and autism support facilities available locally


Why are we doing this?


Over the last few years Diane and Andrew at Cottage in the Dales have learned so much about accessibility, predominantly focused on understanding what was needed to provide physical accessibility for guests with mobility, hearing and visual support to enable them to deliver The Dairy, launched in summer 2017, which has become so successful, it is full for 92+% each year with bookings well in advance. 


The help is out there


This knowledge was gained through support from key people at organisations such as Access for all UK, Accessible Derbyshire, VisitEngland, Motionspot and other groups, for which Diane and Andrew are immensely grateful. 


Why hidden disabilities?


Whilst developing The Dairy, Diane needed additional help and training on a personal level to help with her mother’s vascular dementia. With help from the same super people mentioned above, we learned that we were already able to provide quite a lot of support at The Dairy for guests with hidden mental disabilities. So the quest for understanding the needs for people with dementia or autism began. Then we could review how we could make our accommodation even more inclusive for everyone to enjoy the Yorkshire Dales that we are lucky to call home.



Working towards being both Dementia Friendly & Autism Friendly


Click on the images below to find out what Cottage in the Dales is doing to work towards being dementia friendly and autism friendly.