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Photograph of the cottages or surrounding area

Accessible & Inclusive




Accessibility is not just about providing facilities that are wheelchair accessible. There are many types of people who have different degrees of physical accessibility restrictions - elderly people, families with young children, guests with allergies, hearing, mobility or visual impairments or just a little ‘wobbly’ eg after a hip or knee replacement. Hence, accessibility is being able to provide the ability for all these people to access and use the room or building. 





A building or room that is accessible to one person, eg someone who is a wheelchair user, may be inaccessible by someone else, especially if their disability is invisible or not immediately obvious, such as mental health conditions eg autism or long-term illnesses. 


An inclusive business, such as Cottage in the Dales, offers a positive visitor experience to people with wider and differing needs - be they physical and/or mental health conditions such as dementia or autism. 


Universal Design


Cottage in the Dales followed the concept of ‘universal design’ to design and deliver the environment at The Dairy so that it can be accessed, understood and used by people regardless of their age, size, ability, disability. The design is aimed to meet the needs of all the people who wish to use it. This environment includes the delivery of the integrated facilities, provision of equipment and customer service.



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